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New exhibition about the artist Eigil Knuth

Exhibition about the artist Eigil Knuth with a broad selection of his works.

Summer 2018.

Eigil Knuth was a renowned polar scientist, archaeologist and sculptor. Knuth was fascinated by both the artistic and the scientific worlds and he was constantly looking for new challenges and projects in both fields.

This exhibition focuses on the art, which he experimented with throughout his life: from the minute detail focus – whether nature, landscapes or people – to the fabulating and fairy-tale-like – where shapes and movements were transformed to simple brushes or fable animals. One recurring motive was the self-portrait.

Since the exhibition takes place in the reception of the Arctic House, Strandgade 102, you get access by pressing the doorbell for Danish Arctic Institute on the 2. Floor in the opening hours Monday to Friday 9-16.

Foto: Jette Bang (gjb03858), Qullissat 1939

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