Documentation and dissemination of the history of Denmark in Greenland and the Arctic

The Danish Arctic Institute´s collections are full of fantastic stories, that everybody should learn about, and now you can listen to some of them.

You can stream on or download our podcasts from Soundcloud, iTunes and other audio platforms. The podcasts are made by Iben Bjørnsson.

Please notice that the podcasts are in Danish. In collaboration with the online magazine Arctic Journal we have published several articles based on the podcasts in English. Read them here >

01 Hvorfor er Danmark i Grønland

02 Ekspeditioner

03 Ekspeditioner: Danmark, Alabama og 1. Thule

04 Peter Freuchens skæg

05 Historien om Hans Hendrik

06 Til sidst forsvinder også sulten

07 Da de danske "fruetimre" kom til Grønland

"Arktiske Historier" is a historical podcast about the meeting between Denmark and Greenland and the Arctic regions throughout the last 300 years. Broadcasted by Danish Arctic Institute.